The WiFi Element™

Nokia has acquired Unium. Unium is software. Products with Unium are fast, reliable and frustration-free.

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How do I get

WiFi Everywhere?

Unium Mesh Covers Your Whole Home

WiFi signals weaken with distance and when passing through walls. Unium enhances the strength of your entire WiFi network to ensure more megabits in more places throughout your home.

Why is my

Video Buffering?

Unium Steering Makes the Best Connection

Every WiFi network is a dynamic ecosystem with devices moving about the house. Unium reroutes devices automatically to the best access point for uninterrupted streaming.

How do I consistently

Stream Music?

Unium Nudges Devices into Sweet Spots

Moving a WiFi speaker a few inches can triple, even quadruple the signal it gets. Devices with Unium give live feedback on where they should be placed to maximize bandwidth.

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